“I can’t believe this has happened! Where did that guy come from? What I am going to do?”

These were probably some of your first thoughts immediately after the automobile accident. Since then you have had a thousand concerns about your injury, your family, your car, your job, and your future. Unfortunately, however much you try to avoid these problems, they are not going to go away.

It is very important that you take action right after the automobile or motorcyle accident to protect yourself. The other driver’s insurance company has a job to do, and it’s not to help you. Believe it or not, even your own insurance company is not really looking out for your interests. After the car accident, if you don’t take steps to help yourself, no one will.

“I have pain but really don’t want to see a doctor. Maybe I’ll be better next week. What if I just wait to see what happens next month?”

If you do wait, you may limit how much your own insurance company has to pay in PIP or No-Fault benefits for your medical treatment, by as much as 75%! This may seem strange but it is true in the state of Florida. Any delay in seeking medical treatment will also help the other driver’s insurance company reject your claim later.

“I don’t want to hire a lawyer. I don’t even like lawyers. Maybe the insurance company will be reasonable and fair to me.”

Anything is possible. Unfortunately, this is probably wishful thinking. You must decide whether you want to realistically deal with the problems caused by your car accident.

So, what do you do after an automobile accident? You need to get help for you and your family.

Since 1988, Bob Renfroe has only represented people, like you, who were injured in motor vehicle and other types of accidents. He can answer your questions, and help you deal with your fears and concerns.

Bob Renfroe will personally handle your case. He will protect your interests, will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your case, and what to expect as your case progresses.

We are available 24 hours a day. Please call (813) 654-1383 or email bob@rrrinjurylaw.com with any questions you may have regarding your personal injury case.

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